Create a Channel
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In the following section of the Training Guide you will be learning how to create a Channel and Leaderboard(s) to be displayed on a large display screen (TV Screen).

  1. Select the Administration tab in the Cloudapps Sumo app.

  2. Select Channel Configuration in the left hand pane.

  3. Press the New Channel button at the top of the Channel List. Or, if you prefer, you can Clone an existing Channel

  4. Add a Title – e.g. Sales This Month – and, if you wish, you can choose a different Font.

  5. You can add a Logo by clicking the Camera Icon and selecting an image from your computer.

  6. Choose a Background. There are 13 backgrounds to choose from, or you can upload your own.

  7. You can also change the Colours. There are 12 colours palettes available, or you can create your own.

  8. Sounds can also be added to events on the Channel such as a user receiving a reward for an achievement, a Chatter feed post, etc.

  9. To add a sound ensure that Sounds are active. Once enabled a Cog will appear next to Sounds.

  10. Click on the Cog and select the Event you wish to add the sound to from the drop down picklist at the right hand side of Sound to select the sound you require.

  11. You can also upload your own sounds by clicking the Upload button below the list of Sounds.

  12. Once you have configured all the sounds, select Back at the top left hand of the Page.

  13. When you’re happy with the setup, click the Activate switch to ON.

  14. Then click the Next link at the top to continue with setting up your Leaderboard.

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