Inspire Overview (Channel Configuration)
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Inspire provides the ability to broadcast interactive live Leaderboards which in turn can be displayed on a big screen or TV displays. Inspire is available as part of the Sumo package.
The Leaderboards can be built on standard Salesforce data for any available Object and Custom Object the creator has access to as well as used to display Sumo reward or object data.
A number of pre-configured sample Channels are provided on installation to give examples of the layout and possible configurations of using Sumo Inspire.
When changes to the data being displayed occurs, this will render in live time and amend the content and order of the Leaderboards being displayed.
Additional Inspire Capabilities include:

  • Ability to broadcast information or messages to the audience in real-time News Broadcasts

  • Real-time audience participation and interaction via Participation Hashtags:

    • content Polls to vote on which Leaderboards to display

    • send "cheers" and "taunts"

    • request comparisons between the people currently being displayed on the Leaderboard

    • sounds can be used to highlight any changes

Tip: Throughout the Channel Builder there is contextual help which is accessed via the ? icons

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