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Building a Base Behaviour 'Insights' Section
Building a Base Behaviour 'Insights' Section
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After selecting 'New Base Behaviour' complete the sections within the Base Behaviour Page.

  • Type - Used to categorise the Base Behaviours and for visual representation as a badge in a Competition. Type is a lookup field linked to a Graphic that is defined in the Sumo app

Tip: Behaviours can be grouped, counted and reported by Type so this is an important categorisation field, e.g Badge Type' is filterable in People Insights & Coaching so categorisations can be easily viewed.

  • Category - Used for further categorisation of the Base Behaviour - this is useful in reporting and analysis

  • Related Record - This is a very powerful field that allows you to aggregate the insights around a specific object. For example, if you wish a behaviour that is observed on the Opportunity Product to be related to its parent Opportunity then choose Opportunity ID from this list. We strongly recommend selecting Opportunity ID from this list where possible so the Opportunity Insight views in Sumo include all the insights from the related objects to the Opportunity

  • Tracked Field - If you wish to give dynamic points in a competition then pick the field you wish to use in the dynamic formula. For example, if wish to reward 1 point for each $1,000 on an opportunity then select the Amount field from this list. When you define the points in a competition this value will then be available for you to use in the formula

  • Value - another categorisation of the Base Behaviour. These are fixed to High, Medium and Low and are used in the Sumo UI components so you can distinguish the Base Behaviours that have High business value for you verses those with a Low business value

  • Undesirable - A Base Behaviour can be set as 'Undesirable', something that Players should not be encouraged to perform

  • Multi-Stage Behaviour - A Behaviour can be set as a 'Multi-Stage Behaviour' for use with Insight & Predict. A 'Multi-Stage Behaviour' can be completed in all the stages prior to the stage (Winning Way Step) that it is defined in. See Opportunity Insight for more information

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