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Building Base Behaviours 'Intelligent Nudging' Section
Building Base Behaviours 'Intelligent Nudging' Section
Updated over a week ago

After selecting 'New Base Behaviour' complete the sections within the Base Behaviour Page.

  • Nudge Criteria - If you wish to control when the Nudge will be displayed to the user then you can define additional criteria here. For example, you may wish to only display this nudge when the Opportunity is at the Qualification Stage - in which case you will build a criterion as follows - Opportunity.StageName = 'Qualification'. You can build these criteria using the +Field, Operator and Function buttons. This also allows you to traverse relationships, for example only show this nudge if the Industry of the Account of the Opportunity is Manufacturing

  • Add to Behaviour Criteria - If this is checked then the Base Behaviour will only create the Insight record if these criteria are also met, otherwise these criteria only controls the displaying of the nudge

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