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Setting up Leaderboards
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Content Items are used to define the key attributes of Leaderboards displayed in Channels. Each content item is in turn associated with a Salesforce Object with further configuration performed to define the exact content to be displayed in the Leaderboard for that object.

Creating a Leaderboard

Only Active Content items are available for broadcast to the Channel. The Content Control parameter is used to limit how many will be displayed on the live Channel. The order in which Content Items are displayed on the broadcast Channel is manually defined using Drag-and-Drop. The Content Items will display in this order until the completion of a poll (see the Voting section) which overrides the manual order.

  1. Click the Add link

  2. Give your first Leaderboard a Name, e.g. Sales This Month.

  3. The Content Control value specified will dictate how many Leaderboards are broadcast on the Channel. Which Leaderboards are displayed can be manually specified in the Setup step (when Voting is disabled), or decided via the outcome of a democratic vote. When manual control is being used (i.e. Voting has not been enabled) the Content Items shown above the blue line indicate which Leaderboards will be broadcast. When voting is enabled this is the starting position; however, once a vote has completed the Leaderboards that are displayed will be those that were voted for, as poll results override the manually specified order. The number specified is, however, still the valid number of winning Leaderboards for each vote that is conducted.

  4. Specify the characteristics of each Content Item, such as its name, the style of Leaderboard (Simple Rows, Extended Rows or Grid Cards) and the hashtag that will be used to vote for the Leaderboard if Voting is activated.

  1. Click the Tick button to confirm the changes.

  2. Select Configure from the Actions picklist next to the Leaderboard.

  1. In the left-hand column, select the Salesforce Object that you want to base the Leaderboard on; the object's fields will then be displayed.

  1. Select the fields you wish to see on the Leaderboard by clicking them once with the mouse.

Note: If you select an ID field such as Owner Id as the Primary (first) column on the canvas, the user's full name and their profile picture (if they have one), is automatically added for you.

  1. You can Group By fields by selecting the drop down arrow at the side of the name of the field on the Canvas.

When you Group by a column, a new column called Count will automatically be created, which aggregates the number of records by that field value.

  1. Columns in grey on the left hand side of the canvas will appear on the main Leaderboard, which can either be made up of 2 or 3 columns. The first 3 white column's data will also display in the Detail Panel of the Inspire screen.


  1. The data can be filtered by any of the object's fields, even if they are not being displayed on the Inspire Board.

  2. To add a field filter select Add from the top of the Configure screen.

  1. Select the first box and when the screen changes to tell you to select a filter field from the panel on the left, select the field you want to filter by and the field name will be entered into the first box for you.

  1. Select an Operator and then type in the criteria. If the filter field is a picklist then you will be able to select the options from the picklist and select the Tick to apply the Filter.

  1. Remember to configure the Filter Logic from the Filters drop down.

  1. Make the changes as required and select the Tick to accept them.

  1. The Date Field denotes the range of time the Leaderboard is collecting the Data from. Select the required field from the Date Field and either select a pre-defined date range, or choose "Custom" to manually enter a specific date range.

  1. Once you are happy with the configuration of the Board select the Back link in the left hand top corner of the screen, which returns to the Setup stage of the Channel Builder.

Info: Clicking the Back link will also validate the query that has been configured.

  1. Clicking the Cancel link will return to the Setup stage without saving the changes made. Use this option to revert to the previously defined query definition.

  2. Once you have set up all the Leaderboards you need, you will need to activate them by selecting the drop down at the right hand side of the Leaderboard and select Activate. Activate or Deactivate a Content Item as required, and it will automatically move between the relevant sections. Only Content Items that have valid configurations can be activated; they will remain inactive until they have been fully configured.

  3. Delete will remove the Content Item from the Channel, and cannot be reversed once the Channel has been saved.

  4. Select Save and Exit from top left button


In organisations where Chatter has been deployed, Voting is an Audience Participation feature that allows the people viewing the Channel to decide which Leaderboards they would like to see displayed and in what order they are to be presented.

Once Audience Participation has been enabled in the Design step, there are at least 2 active Content Items and Content Control is at least 2, the Enable Voting option will appear below the Content Control field. Once this is enabled hashtags will be displayed for each Content Item.

As soon as the Enable Voting is turned ON and the Channel is saved, the Poll will commence. It will run for the time specified in the Duration field. Then, after the Interval time has elapsed, the Poll will automatically start again for the same Duration, until the Enable Voting switch is set to OFF and the Channel is saved.

The Channel's Audience vote via the Channel's Chatter Group, using the hashtags as set in the main Administration page.

  • To vote, the Audience will use one of the hashtags set up for voting - the default is "#Vote" - plus the Leaderboard hashtag of the Leaderboard they would like to see, eg to vote for the "Outbound Calls Made Today" leaderboard, they will post "#Vote #NewCalls" to the Channel's Chatter Group.

  • Users can vote for more than one Leaderboard in a single post, e.g. "#vote #Newopptys #NewRevenue" but they can only vote once for per Leaderboard. Duplicate votes for the same Leaderboard for the same person will be ignored.

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