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Building a Base Behaviour 'Behaviour Criteria' Section
Building a Base Behaviour 'Behaviour Criteria' Section
Updated over a week ago

The default Standard Criteria Builder is used to select the field(s), conditions and field values required for the Behaviour's Criteria to be met. Criteria Logic can also be applied if required.

For greater flexibility building criteria use the Advanced formula editor. More information in the section covering Advanced Behaviour Criteria.

  1. Select + Criteria to add a row

  2. Click on the Field to open the Field Selection window. Here you have access to the Fields of the chosen Object, you can also access the fields on parent objects

  3. Next, select the Condition

  4. Select or enter the required field value

  5. Select which Action should trigger the Evaluation Criteria, e.g: "Only when a record is created" will only trigger a reward when a Player creates a new record that meets the criteria

Note: If multiple criteria conditions are defined, the Criteria Logic field becomes available. The operator applied by default is AND (i.e. "1 AND 2 AND 3" etc); therefore, if that is what required, there is no need to enter anything in the Criteria Logic field. If OR is required, enter the Criteria Logic as required, e.g. "1 OR 2 OR 3", or "(1 OR 2) AND 3", in the same way as the Salesforce Report Builder

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