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Sensai Salesforce apps - Prerequisites
Sensai Salesforce apps - Prerequisites
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Before attempting to install the Sensai for Salesforce package or the Sensai for SuMo package, the System Administrator must ensure that the following prerequisites are met in order to successfully complete the installation.

Salesforce Organisation Types

CloudApps only supports the installation of the Sensai for Salesforce package into either an Enterprise Edition (EE), Unlimited Edition (UE) or Performance (PXE) organisation types.

Installing Sumo for Salesforce into Developer Edition (DE), Group Edition or Professional Edition (PE) organisation types is not supported.

Salesforce User Licence types

Installation - The Salesforce User responsible for installing the Salesforce app will require a full Salesforce "User Licence" type.

They will also require the "Download AppExchange Packages" user permission.

Sensai users - The Salesforce Users who will need to access the Sensai components - i.e. they will be set up as Sensai Admins or Sensai Users - will require a full Salesforce "User License" type.

CloudApps Sensai does not support the use of any other Salesforce "User License" types. Users with other license types, such as Salesforce Platform or Chatter Free, will not be able to access the Sensai components or functionality.

Salesforce Lightning Experience

The Salesforce components for Sensai are only supported in the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

They are not accessible in Salesforce Classic or Salesforce Console.

Browser support

The Sensai components require the latest version of the Google Chrome browser.

SuMo for Salesforce

The Sensai for SuMo extension package requires the latest version of the SuMo app.

In order to access the Sensai components and functionality, users must be assigned a SuMo licence and either the "Sensai User" or "Sensai Admin" permission sets, depending on specific user requirements.

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