Sensai Post-Install Steps
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Sensai for SuMo and Sensai for Salesforce

Set the Sensai Tenant API Key

  1. Enter Setup within Salesforce.

  2. In the "PLATFORM TOOLS" section, navigate to Custom Code > Custom Metadata Types

  3. Click Manage Records next to the Application Setting label for the API Name sensai__Application_Setting__mdt

  4. Click Edit next to the API Key label

  5. In the Value field, paste in the API Key for the Sensai Tenant. This can be found in the "Security" tab in the Sensai Administration Console.

  6. Click Save

Clone the Sensai Admin Permission Set

  1. Within the ADMINISTRATION section of the Salesforce Setup, navigate to Users > Permission Sets

  2. Click Clone next to the Sensai Admin permission set, provide a name for the permission set (e.g. "Sensai Admin - Clone") and then click Save.

Configure the Connected App

  1. Within the PLATFORM TOOLS section of Salesforce Setup, navigate to Apps > Connected Apps > Manage Connected Apps.

  2. Click on Cloudapps Sensai and click on the Edit Policies button.

  3. Set Permitted Users to Admin approved users are pre-authorized and then click Save.

  4. Click the Manage Permission Sets button in the "Permission Sets" section and select the clone of the permission set that was created in the previous section.

  5. Click Save.

Sensai for SuMo

The user who installed the Sensai package, and all other users with a full Salesforce "User Licence" in the org, will be automatically assigned a Sensai licence.

Any users who will be set up as Sensai Admins or Sensai Users and haven't already been set up as a SuMo User will need to be assigned a SuMo licence.

To do this, enter Setup in the Salesforce Org.

  1. Within the sidebar section "PLATFORM TOOLS" select Apps > Packaging > Installed Packages

  2. Click on Manage Licenses next to the SuMo package name

  3. If the user doesn't appear on that page, click Add Users, select the required users, and click "Add".

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