Define a Single Entity Schema
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Sensai supports the ability to join files into a single dataset that can be used to train a model or for predicting outcomes.

Schemas are used to define the entities and the relationships between the files.

Schemas can consist of a single Entity or multiple Entities. Schemas can also be created to align to the salesforce data model for automatic data extraction - please see the Salesforce section for more information.

Single Entity Schema

Note: A Schema must be defined and a dataset created even if you only have a single file.

  1. Press the Options button in the top left of the Navigation Bar and select Schemas

  2. Press Create Schema button

  3. Give the Schema a name - e.g. Opportunity

  4. Select Other as the Source

  5. Press Add Primary Entity button

  6. Add the Primary Entity Name - eg OPPORTUNITY and specify a Primary Entity Label

  7. Specify the column name that is unique for each row as the Primary Key

  8. We suggest leaving the Sort Order blank when you have a single Entity

  9. Press the Next button.

  10. There are no relationships to add at this point so please just press the Create button

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