SuMo Uninstall Steps
Updated over a week ago

Pre-Uninstall Step

Currently, the following step needs to be followed before selecting "Uninstall" for the SuMo app.

Deactivate the Flow "Winning Score Achieved"

To deactivate the Flow:

  1. Go to Setup > Platform Tools > Process Automation > Flows

  2. Select "View Details and Versions" for the "Winning Score Achieved" Flow.

  3. Click "Deactivate" for the Flow Version


Post-Uninstall Step

The following step needs to be carried out manually after the SuMo application has been uninstalled, as it cannot be performed during the uninstall process.

Supplementary Permission Set

Follow the steps below to delete the Motivation Designer (Supplementary) permission set:

  1. Enter Setup by clicking on the Setup link at the top of the screen

  2. Within the sidebar select Administer | Manage Users | Permission Sets

  3. Click on the Del link next to the Motivation Designer (Supplementary) permission set

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