SuMo Deployment
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There are five SuMo user types that can be defined. As individual users can be required to perform more than one function, they can be assigned more than one SuMo user type; e.g. they could be an Influencer and a Motivation Designer, a Competition Manager and an Influencer, etc.

The five SuMo User Types can be summarised as follows:

Motivation Designer: Administers the SuMo application. They cannot trigger rewards for Players within the Competitions and Experience Groups or receive rewards, view rewards or the performance of Players.

Competition Manager: Competition Managers can create, edit and administer Competitions and Experience Groups. They cannot trigger or earn rewards.

Influencer: Influencers are able to trigger rewards for Players within their Competitions and Experience Groups, but cannot receive rewards themselves or observe the performance of any Players.

Observer: Observes the performance of Players but cannot trigger rewards for those players. Observers cannot administer the SuMo application. An Observer might be the head of a department or the manager of team who wants the ability to observe the performance of their team members.

Player: Participates in the ‘game’. Players can receive rewards and view their own performance, as well as viewing the performance of other Players within their Competitions and Experience Groups. Players can also trigger rewards for other Players that are in the game with them.

Assigning SuMo User Types

To configure, administer or use the SuMo application, each user will need to be set with the appropriate SuMo User Type(s).

Setting the SuMo User Type will automatically assign the corresponding Permission Set(s) for the user type(s), as well as a SuMo Licence.

To assign the SuMo user types to individual users perform the following, repeating steps 3 to 5 for each user:

  1. Enter Setup by clicking on the ‘Setup’ link at the top of the screen

  2. Within the sidebar select Administer | Manage Users | Users

  3. Click Edit next to the user's name

  4. Scroll down to the SuMo section previously created and check the SuMo User Type(s) that are required for that user

  5. Click the Save button to complete the task and save your changes.

This concludes the installation of SuMo for Salesforce!

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