People Insight & Coaching Setup
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This page details how to set up and configure the People Insight & Coaching module once it has been provisioned by Cloudapps.

Note: For customers who have upgraded to Sumo version 7 Release 3 (v7.23 and higher) from an earlier version of Sumo, the Coaching Plans tab will not be displayed as a main tab in the Sumo Classsic app. The Coaching Plans tab is however available via the All Tabs list.


The People Insight & Coaching permission set will need to be manually assigned to users who require access to the People Insight page, and/or access to create and manage Coaching Plans. Please follow the steps below to assign the permission set to users:

  1. Go to Setup > Manage Users > Users

  2. Click on the user that should be delegated access

  3. Under Permission Set Assignments click on the Edit Assignments button

  4. Under the Available Permission Sets list, move People Insight & Coaching to Enabled Permission Sets

  5. Click Save

Tip: The People Insight & Coaching permission set can also be deployed to users based on their Sumo Type via the User Permissions facility that is available in the Application Configuration page.

Summary Component

The Coaching Plan summary component can be added to any page layout in Lightning Experience that Sumo Players have access to. Once added to a page layout, the component will be displayed when there are one or more Coaching Plans that have been assigned to the running user.

The steps below describe how the Coaching Plans summary component can be added to the default Home Page.

  1. Click on the Home tab, then from the Salesforce setup icon at the top right, select Edit Page

  2. Decide where on the page you would like to add the component, in this example we will add it to the right-side narrow area.

  3. From the Custom - Managed Lightning Components list, drag the Coaching Plans component to the top right corner of the page.

  1. Click Save

  1. To Activate this page to make it visible to your users straight away, click Activate on the resulting popover

  2. In the next popover, Activate Home Page Default, select the required option, e.g. "Assign this Home page to specific profiles" to assign it to specific user profiles.

  3. Once the required Profiles have been selected, click Activate

Note: For Salesforce Classic users, the Coaching Plans summary component is accessed via the Classic Performance Centre page and, therefore, no additional setup is required.

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