Sumo Overview
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Sumo is an application that increases revenue for your business by driving the right business behaviours at the right time.

It allows you to:

  1. Define a set of business behaviours (good and bad), for example following up a lead within 24hrs, or the closed date is pushed out more than 10 days

  2. Observe and capture when these business behaviours occur, who performed them, and on what record

  3. increase Performance around these business behaviours using motivation, coaching and insight to ultimately drive an increase in revenue



The Sumo Designer creates a set of business behaviours that the business wishes to observe and possibly change. Business behaviours can range from being very simple like Adding a Competitor to an Opportunity, or being very sophisticated like Creating 5 Opportunities with key fields populated on an Account in a specific industry that has been created within the last 24hrs. There are over 80 pre-defined business behaviours, and you can easily add your own through point and click - no code or IT involvement required.


Each time a user enters or updates information the Sumo Observation Engine is called and it checks to see if the user has completed one or more of the business behaviours. If they have, then it creates an Observation record (a Sumo object in your salesforce org) for each successfully completed business behaviour and it records who, when, what, and for which salesforce record.

These Observation records can then be analysed using salesforce Reports & Dashboards and/or a 3rd party BI tool e.g. Qlik, Tableau, Power BI,...



Increases in performance can be driven using game mechanics. You can create multiple competitions and define the timescales, the members, the behaviours and the levels. Sumo provides leaderboards, progress bars, countdown timers, inline nudges, trophy cabinets, level-ups, etc

People Insight & Coaching

Increases in performance can be driven through data-driven coaching sessions and setting up coaching plans. Sumo provides a user-specific scorecard so anyone can see how they are performing, they can compare themselves to others, and set up a personalised coaching plan to meet their goals

Opportunity Insight & Prediction

Increases in performance can be driven through data-driven coaching on an opportunity. Sumo knows which business behaviours have been completed on each Opportunity along with who and when they were completed. Sumo can nudge the user to perform the right business behaviour at the right time in your sales process. It can even match these business behaviours to your methodology (your Winning Way), and along with factoring in the time, it can give a closing prediction score to each of your Opportunities.

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