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Social Settings
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In Social Settings, Motivation Designers may set their Sumo-related Chatter requirements.

Chatter Notifications

Notifications can be enabled to be automatically posted on Chatter in real-time when a Competitor:

  • is awarded a new Badge

  • gains additional Points

  • achieves a Level-Up (for Competitions with Levels assigned)

By default, the notifications will be posted to the Competitor's own Chatter Feed. They can be redirected to a specific Chatter Group by selecting the Group in the Chatter Group field.

To deselect the Chatter Group, click the "X" and click Save.

History & Trend Information

Here, the Motivation Designer can activate the Performance History data and Leaderboard Trend information snapshots and specify the frequency that the data should be captured, calculated and recorded.
Once enabled, each Player's score will be presented in the Performance History Chart of each Experience Group and/or Competition they are a member of.
A rank trend is also calculated and recorded for all Players within a Competition. This trend is then presented in the Leaderboard Comparison panel on the Competitions subtab to show whether a player is trending upward, downward or has remained static on the Leaderboard.

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