Sensai Demo Mode
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The steps below detail how the 'demo' mode can be enabled and configured in the Sensai package. The demo mode is designed to be used by Sales to demonstrate the Sensai component including Opportunity Productions and Next Best Actions. Administrators can switch between demo mode and 'live' mode at any time. When demo mode is enabled, a pre-defined demo set of Predictions and Next Best Actions will be displayed in the Sensai component, whereas in 'live' mode, data will be fetched from the Sensai platform.


  1. Make sure Sensai package version 1.16 or later has been installed and all post-installation steps have been completed

  2. In the Salesforce org, go to Setup > Custom Metadata Types

  3. Click Manage Records next to Application Setting for the Sensai package

  4. Click Edit next to Demo Mode Enabled and set the Value field to yes

  5. In Setup, go to CSP Trusted Sites

  6. Click Add Trusted Site

  7. Set the Trusted Site Name to sensai_demo_data

  8. Leave all other settings default and click Save

  9. Open or refresh an Opportunity record that contains the Sensai component, and the Predictions and Next Best Actions will be fetched from the Sensai demo data

  10. To change back into live mode, change the Demo Mode Enabled Value field back to no, and Predictions and Next Best Actions will be fetched from the Sensai platform


  • When Observation records are created it will cause the component to refresh and move to the next state of the demo. If multiple Observation records are created at the same time, it may cause the demo to move to a future state and not the next state. We have tried to guard against this, however, it is advisable to design Base Behaviours (that are not used in conjunction with the Sensai demo) in such a way so that they filter out assessment of Opportunity records that are used for the demo.

  • When the demo flow reaches the final state, it will remain in that state regardless of whether new Observation records are created, i.e. it will no longer refresh.

  • When the Opportunity record page is refreshed, or the user navigates away and back to the Opportunity record, the state of the Sensai component will be reset back to the initial state.

  • When the Sensai component is in the demo mode, if the user clicks on the β€˜i’ icon in the header, they can step through each state of the demo without having to generate Observation records.

  • Any changes that are required to the content of the Sensai component, e.g. Base Behaviour Names, Descriptions, Prediction values etc, can be made by updating a JSON file. Please request any changes to [email protected]

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