Competition Quick Start
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  1. Open the Sumo App from the App Launcher in Salesforce

  2. Click on the ‘Competitions’ tab in the menu

  3. Click ‘New Competition’

  4. Give the Competition a Name/Description

  5. On the next screen, you have options to add Templates to your competition - These are pre-defined groups of Behaviours/Members/Levels

  6. You can drag and drop these templates into their respective fields - Behaviours, Members and Levels - To quickly get a competition started

  7. These templates will not come pre-populated so we will manually enter the details for this competition

  8. Click on the cog wheel next to ‘Behaviours’

  9. Click the '+' icon in the top right of the UI

  10. In this UI, you are able to select one of your Base Behaviours to include in the competition. Start typing the name of the behaviour you want to include and select it from the list.

  11. Enter the number of points to give for the behaviour

  12. Click ‘Apply’ when the behaviour has been selected

  13. Do this for any additional behaviours you wish to include

  14. When done, click ‘Save’ in the top right of the UI

  15. Now you need to add some players.

  16. Click on the cog wheel next to ‘Members’

  17. Click in the '+' icon at the top of the screen and then either choose the players you wish to add to the competition from the pre-populated list or search for users using the filters. (N.B. The Salesforce User MUST have the Player Flag set on their account to appear in this list)

  18. You can then set the selected users to be Participants or Spectators - Participants are actively collecting points when the competition runs whereas Spectators can only view the competition

  19. Click next and then Save.

  20. Finally, you need to add Levels

  21. For this we suggest using the existing templates that are packaged with Sumo and then editing them as needed.

  22. Drag an existing level set from the templates location.

  23. To edit this, click on the cog wheel next to ‘Levels’

  24. Click the dropdown icon on a level you wish to change and click 'Edit'

  25. Adjust the Name and/or Description of the level as well as the points threshold required to enter the level (for the first level, this will be 0 by default)

  26. Click Apply and then Save

  27. Your Competition has been created and is now available - but not yet live

  28. Back at the Competition tab in Sumo, there is a banner to the left of the Scheduler listed as ‘Available’.

  29. Click on this banner and you should see the competition you just created

  30. Simply drag the competition onto the scheduler to make it active. To adjust the timings, you can click on the competition and then set a start and end date

  31. Click Save and your competition is ready to run!

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