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Creating Competitions
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Competitions are made up of:

  • Behaviours

  • Members

  • Levels (*Optional)

When you have created (or Cloned) a competition it will be listed as available for scheduling and editing in the available area (highlighted above) of the Competition Scheduler.

Create a New Competition

  1. Select the Competitions tab and select New Competition.

  1. In the Competition Wizard enter the Competition Name, Description and optionally, a Win Score.

    Note: If a Win Score is entered, once the Competition is running it will automatically finish if any of the Members reach that score before the scheduled end date and time.

  2. Next add Behaviours, Members and optionally Levels by dragging the Template(s) across to the relevant sections.

  3. Alternatively, use the Edit 'cog' icon in each section to add/remove Behaviours, Members or Levels manually.

  4. New Competitions are automatically set as Available and can be found in the Available section to the left of the Scheduler.

    Note: Each individual Base Behaviour can only be added to a Competition once. If it has already been added to the Competition, either manually or via another Behaviour Template, that specific Base Behaviour will be excluded.

    Tip: During the Competition build phase, you will be given the option to create a Template by using Save as Template. This action does not save the Competition, it only creates a new Behaviour, Members or Level Template.

  5. Select Save in the Competition Wizard main screen to save the competition.

Note: A Competition will only save when there are 1 or more members and behaviours added and the competition is named.

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