Rewarding Competition Winners
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The winners of a competition can be rewarded with special Competition Badges.
Examples of these types of Base Behaviours which will reward for these Badges have been provided within our seed template called 'Competition Trophies'.

These Base Behaviours are set to reward the Players that are ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd when the Competition in which they have been placed is Declared.
​Note: Once a Competition has been Declared, no changes can be made to the Players' Points, whereas during the Finished phase this is still possible.

This seed template consists of 3 Base Behaviours and can be added to the Competition as required.

They are set up so that the resulting rewards' badges and points are re-assigned to the Members' Experience Group if appropriate.

Any number of position finishes can be defined (by creating additional Base Behaviours) and the Points and Badges awarded can be changed as required. Additionally, should you wish to generate the Reward when the Competition finishes rather than when it is declared this can also be specified by modifying the Base Behaviours.

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