Uploading Files
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Files can be either uploaded manually or automatically through a connection (e.g. from Salesforce).

Manual Upload

  1. Press the Options button in the top left of the Navigation Bar and select Files

  2. Press the Upload Files button

  3. Choose your file from your file system and press the Upload button

It may take a few seconds to upload the file and for it to appear in the list.

Note: The file must be a CSV file with a format of UTF-8. If you are using Excel you will need to Save As and then choose CSV UTF-8 (comma delimited) option.

Note: Sensai does support mixed case field names as well as spaces in the field names, however is it best practise to have field names in all capitals with underscores instead of spaces.

Specifying Field Types

Sensai benefits from classifying the columns, for example, classifying a column as a Date Column allows Sensai to derive additional features to learn from, such as the Beginning of the Month, End of the Quarter. Also classifying a column as a Continuous Column supports the ability to use that column as a target for a Numerical Regression.

Sensai will look at the data in each column and classify it into a category - you are then able to refine this classification.

  1. Drill down on your newly uploaded file

  2. To reclassify file columns, click and then drag a name from the existing category and drop it onto a different category


Tip: You can take a look at the first 10 rows of your data by selecting the Records Tab

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