Creating Experience Groups
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Experience Groups are made up of:

  • Behaviours

  • Members

  • Levels (*Optional)

When you have created (or Cloned) an Experience Group it will be listed as available and editable in the Experience tab.

Create a New Experience Group

  1. Select the Experience tab and select New Experience Group.

  2. In the Experience Group Wizard enter the Experience Group Name and Description.

  3. Next add Behaviours, Members and optionally Levels by dragging the Template(s) across to the relevant sections.

  4. Alternatively, use the Edit 'cog' icon in each section to add/remove/amend Behaviours, Members or Levels manually.


Select Save in the Experience Group Wizard main screen to save the Experience Group.

New Experience Groups are automatically set as Available and can be found in the Experience tab with (Available) beside the name.

Schedule your Experience Group to run via the drop down Edit icon. You can also make your experience group hidden, create a clone of the experience group and delete it from this menu.


โ€‹ Note: To use an Experience Group in a Coaching Plan an end date is required when scheduling. This is so time boundaries can be applied to a Coaching Plan.

Tip: It is recommended that each user should only be added to one visible Experience Group.

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