Creating and Editing Templates
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Templates group together sets of

  • Behaviours

  • People (Members)

  • Levels

To make it easy to re-use them in other Competitions or Experience Groups.

There is a selection of seed Behaviour and Level Templates installed but you can create your own as needed.

You can create a template either before creating a Competition or Experience Group or whilst editing one (by clicking the "Save as Template" button) in the relevant areas.

Create your own Members Templates before starting to create a Competition or Experience Group. There are additional selection capabilities in the Members Template wizard to help narrow down your selection.

Note: All of the Template functionality described here is also available when working within Experience Groups.

Create a new Template

  1. Go to the Competitions tab

  2. Click on the Template icon next to "New Competition"

  1. A new page will open with tabs for existing Behaviours, Members and Levels Templates.

  2. You now have the opportunity to create a new template or modify an existing one.

  3. To create a New Template, click the '+' sign - within any of the tabs - and select which type of Template is required.

Members Templates

The Motivation Designer or Competition Manager can search for and assign groups of users by categories, using the Add People icon next to the Find User field.

This gives access to assign Members by Chatter Group, Portal Roles, Profiles, Public Groups, User Licences, User Roles and User Roles (and Subordinates).

Note: The maximum number of Competition Members allowed in any Competition is 9,995.

Tip: The reverse operation is also available, i.e. the ability to remove Members from a Template by category. To access this feature, click the Remove People icon located to the right of the Add People icon highlighted above.

Editing or Deleting Templates

Existing Templates can be edited or deleted via each Template's action menu.

Once your Templates are ready they will be available within the Competitions and Experience Groups Assistants.

Templates can also be set up while creating or editing a Competition or Experience Group.

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